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Oslob Mountain Tour

The Aaron Beach Resort Mountain Trip to Oslob

The Scenic Mountain Round Trip is by motor bike only. The duration of the tour is about 2½ hours.


Some of our motorbikes and guests on the tour…

Oslob_our motor bikes2_aaron beach resort
Oslob_our motor bikes_aaron beach resort


The Aaron Beach Resort Oslob Mountain Tour includes:

  • Tumalog Falls
  • Tumalog Water Treatment Plant that supplies all of Oslob’s drinking water
  • Watch Carabao prepare the fields for planting corn and rice
  • We reach heights of 760 meters above sea level as well as see 8 different Islands and 3 sunken Islands
  • Breath-taking scenery
  • Oslob Town
  • Oslob Historic Church
  • Spanish Tower Ruins
  • Finishing it off with more sight seeing then to back Aaron Beach Resort to relax!


Breath-taking scenery

Oslob_breath taking views2_aaron beach resort

Oslob_breath taking views3_aaron beach resort

The Spanish Tower Ruins

Oslob_spanish tower ruins2_aaron beach resort
Oslob_spanish tower ruins_aaron beach resort


Local farmers hard at work

Oslob_local farmers 2_aaron beach resort
Oslob_local farmers_aaron beach resort

Historical church and park

Oslob_historic church_aaron beach resort
Oslob_park_aaron beach resort


Basketball anyone? Or perhaps just a park bench to relax on…

Oslob_basketball_aaron beach resort flp
Oslob_park 2_aaron beach resort


Making charcoal and a cheeky goat!

Oslob_locals making charcoal_aaron beach resort
Oslob_local goat_aaron beach resort


The road to Oslob Oslob_road to oslob_aaron beach resort


Other options we can also stop for:

  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
  • Internet Cafe

Just ask when booking for more information on these options.

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